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Friday, March 2, 2018

The physical sizes of various capacity AR-15 magazines

A recent news article mentioned something about standard and high capacity AR-15 mags not fitting into a Florida murderer's "duffel bag." Well, I guess much would depend on the size of the "duffel bag." A blog post I did around 3-years ago has some photos of different capacity AR-15 mags and may be helpful (or not) in trying to visualize what the article was implying. CLICK HERE OR ON PHOTO BELOW if interested.


Jonathan H said...

Your point about getting low is very important and often ignored.
I have a bipod on my FAL; I can't use it with a DSA 30 rounder because the mag hits the ground before the bipod does. They were designed for the .308 Bren gun where they went on top so length didn't matter.

Pumice said...

I am not sure whom you made made at Google but when I tried to access the post after this I was told the page could not be found. Are you being banned because you write about high capacity mags?

Grace and peace.

"Zack" said...

Pumice, thanks for stopping by.

The linked page works when I tried it from an independent box using DuckDuckGo and a Tor browser but that might not mean much nowadays. This here obscure blogsite is not favored by The Almighty Goooooogley; I'm surprised TAGoooooogley hasn't just put in a total block. Most of my traffic lately is from overseas ... countries that prohibit guns and ignore human rights. Traffic ebbs and flows. Lots of what looks to be bot traffic and also what looks like it might be independent indexing. Heck if I can tell what's going on.

Insofar as blogging continuing as part of "Social Media," it is a foundering platform and difficult to monetize; I am surprised TAGooooooley hasn't sold Blogger or just plain dropped it.

"Zack" said...

Hey there Jonathan H, thanks for your insightful comments. I appreciate you stopping by.

Take care.