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Monday, May 7, 2018

TRUMPeting Populist Rhetoric

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As an aside, in all of the reports that I have read regarding the FBI and the local police investigation of the Vegas massacre (the nexus for the "ban the hump stock" legislation), there has not been an official public accounting of how many of the mass-murderer's rifles were outfitted with "bump stocks" (news reports cite an "ATF agent" alleging that twelve of the twenty-three rifles had bump stocks).  Further,  I have not seen any details of a forensic analysis of the spent casings showing how many rounds were fired from the alleged "bump stock" rifles.  Quantify it; just how much devastation did these "bump stock" rifles add to the carnage?

Were ANY of the millionaire nutcase's non bump stock rifles modified to, or factory capable of, firing in full automatic? It is a simple question that should have been answered long before now; did the asshole millionaire psycho use ANY fully automatic weapons?

Inquiring minds would really like to know what the authorities know.  Maybe those in power just don't want us to know that Vladimir Putin planned the whole thing ...

Yeah, that must be it.  When there is no other answer, blame it on the Russians.

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