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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I predict that in a few years many folks, if not most, will opt to wear body video cameras.

Many will wish to clarify the fog of "he said or did this, she said or did that" during incidents involving injury, negligence, or malice.  Many will do it for the same reasons they take vacation photos, purely for securing treasured moments but I predict most will do it for protection.

Confronting others for their political affiliations, whether it is on a public sidewalk, in a restaurant, at the gas pump, or in front of their home, is rude and uncivilized.  The law should not tolerate such disorderly conduct.  If the zealot clowns of any political persuasion think that all is fair, then we'll see you in court ... and perhaps forever on the ever-entertaining interwebz videos.


David Drake said...

"... most will do it for protection."

Absolutely spot on prediction. And I suspect many LeftTards will wear one, with the intention of instigating melee just to get it on tape and use the footage in a way that only supports their ideology. Hopefully their one-sided video will be countered with the other person wearing a body cam too.

Pumice said...

I like the idea but then we will be forced to wear a badge saying, "Everything you say is being recorded and could be used in a court of law against you." Instead of the Miranda Rights we will have the "Zack Rights".

Grace and peace