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Friday, June 29, 2018

Monthly Weigh-in 06/29/2018 = 210 lbs

Yesterday (and on the couple of days prior) the bathroom scale confirmed that my weight is down 5 lbs from a month ago ... that is a total loss of 15 lbs so far this year.  Although 210 lbs is still too much lard for me to be lugging around at my age (my vanity insists it is still too early for me to be categorized as being in my late sixties, "I'm only mid-sixties, dammit!"), I celebrated this dieting milestone by having walleye and asparagus at one of our finer local restaurants (the bowl of chicken and dumplings that was included was nearly a diet buster but was too devilishly delicious for me to push aside).  We then went to the local mega-mall to stroll off some calories and found that we durn near had the place to ourselves ... very few customers ... or mall walkers.  The place used to attract the (ahem) oldster crowd of health walkers ... the only signs of old-timers doing any mall walking that I saw last night was when I caught my reflection in a store window.  

The mega-mall sometimes has physical activities for the youngsters too, as shown HERE and HERE, but I prefer the quieter moments.

I spent most of year 2017 at this weight (210 lbs) and only suffered moderate discomfort, but when I porked up to 225 lbs earlier this year I suffered through the excruciating reminders about how dangerous my weight can get.  It's no longer an option; I can't treat this as a hobby; serious calorie counting is now a rule.   

I toast the simple pleasures.   


Pumice said...

One meal does not a diet break. I think you have it down that this is a lifestyle thing. You also understand the feasting is a part of fellowship. I had a blowout this week but it was with my wife, daughter and first grandchild. I feel no guilt because I had six other controlled days.

I wish I could get to 210. I hit 211 once and looked like an unhealthy scarecrow.

Isn't it nice the way clothes start to fit again.

Grace and peace.

"Zack" said...

Heh, I tell ya that little bowl of chicken and dumplings had to contain at least 1500 calories alone; wow, it was good. Wife and I used to have a restaurant designated for each day of the week ... now we dine out maybe twice a week at most. Wife is a type 2 diabetic ... heredity ... everyone in her skinny ass family has it or will get it.

I do understand what you said about fellowship ... the birthdays and graduation fests made the month of June especially challenging for dieting ... moments that I wouldn't trade for anything.

You must be taller than I am ... I don't have much altitude from the soles of my feet to the top of my noggin.

Yep, I have old clothes folded and racked in the closet waiting for me to skinny back down. I hope to wear them all out ;)

Thanks for stopping in. I appreciate ya!

David Drake said...

Walleye - fantastic meal!! Keep up the willpower. I've gone up and down the scale too at various times, from 210 down to 180, which is where I feel the best. At 190 now...gotta drop those extra ten lbs. For's those darn chocolate Ho-Ho's I keep in the freezer. Oh, how I can make a meal with 'em. :)

"Zack" said...

Oh jeez I can remember the first time I weighed in at 180 and thought to myself "man, you are getting fat." Little did I know the road I was on. Could be worse I suppose ...

That walleye was fresh ... farm raised ... the restaurant owner doesn't do freezer burnt fillets. Great place, and affordable (or I sure wouldn't be there ;)

LOL @ chocolate Ho-Ho's ... yeah, I hear them calling ...

Take care man.

David Drake said...

Zack, if you ever find yourself traveling to MN and the Twin City area, 1) email me ahead of time and 2) we'll have fresh walleye at this casual but fantastic restaurant called Tavern on Grand. Their walleye sounds just like what you had. Fresh, not frozen walleye. And I'll bring some freezer-stored Ho Ho's too.

"Zack" said...

Hey there David! Sounds great! Will do.