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Saturday, September 15, 2018

A special "Thanks!" to UPS for helping me test the durability of these shooting accessories

Forgive my delinquency; this all took place back in July. 

It is often hard for me to put in a satisfactory effort in testing and reviewing shooting-related products for durability.  UPS went more than the extra mile in helping with my hobby by pre-smashing, bashing, munching, and crunching some Safariland speed-loaders for me.  Outstanding!  It would have taken me ten-years of intense tactical outdoor range-time along the entire length of the abandoned gravel road leading to hell in order to subject these items to this amount of abuse.  Very well done and very deeply appreciated.

Safariland Pass / Fail = PASS


Anonymous said...

What, no optics?

"Zack" said...



Unknown said...

Do they all work?
I've only ever used HKS speedloaders; the Safarilands were never available back in the pre-interwebs days where I worked. I've always been leery of having the flap on the pouch release the rounds inadvertently, the same way I've seen pouch flaps turn on flashlights. Am I worrying about nothing? Even though I'm an old dog, I'm not afraid to learn new tricks, as long as they don't involve tofu.

"Zack" said...

These loaders are not easy to trip by accident; I've never been able to do it.

I appended a link to this blog post that goes back to the post of my first experience with the J Frame loaders.

The loaders that the UPS mashed around were a pair for my Colt Python and another pair for my K Frame S&Ws. The supplier could have done a better packaging job, but UPS should never have delivered a package that they messed up ... they should have returned it to the seller. In any case, I gave all of those loaders a workout and they seem fine so far ...

I dunno that the comp line of loaders are or are not compatible with the old style HKS belt holders ... I just button a pair loose in my right shirt pocket for my EDC. So far so good!

Old 1811 said...

Thank you.
For some reasons the internet gods have erased my old name "Old 1811" and replaced it with "Unknown." I've become an unperson! Orwell is here!
I'm trying to fix it. If I can't, I guess I'll stay Unknown.