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Saturday, October 6, 2018

I hemorrhaged some serious cash during "Preparedness Month."

(Little white box on floor by footing tile sump pit is a water detection alarm in case of pump failure)

(Orange cord hanging from the pipe is for hooking sump pumps to outside emergency generator)

The water heater went out … twenty-years-old and it finally sprang a leak. I’ve changed three water heater tanks during my lifetime and decided that I did not want to suffer through the physical and mental rigors of doing a fourth. Yessiree, plumbers are horribly expensive. Since I had the plumbers here for the water heater replacement, I decided to be proactive and have them replace both basement sump pumps (one services the footing tile sump and the other the basement floor drain sump).  The footing tile pump gets a lot of use when it rains, the floor drain pump only rarely (pretty much just the AC condensate … and when the heater tank springs a leak ... and in the event the aforementioned pump for the footing tile should fail). The floor drain pump was twenty-years-old and the footing tile pump was replaced by me in 2013 late 2012 … both of these new pumps and their respective new controls and new check-valves are hopefully good for the next decade or two.

Further still on this financial misadventure, two of our twenty-year-old faucets needed service … the one for the guest bath / shower quit working on the hot-water side around eleven-years ago … the one in the main bedroom bath / shower recently developed an irritating drip drip drip … both are Moen brand fixtures that use replacement cartridges for "easy" repair IF YOU CAN GET THE SPECIAL TOOL needed for the job. I did consider completely replacing both fixtures myself but I have no talent for soldered piping … anyhoo, the plumbers had a hell of time doing it the “easy way” with the replacement cartridges ... soooooo I am ever so happy that I did not try to do the repairs on those faucets myself.

The bottom line is that I have substantially increased my peace of mind while substantially lowering the savings balance … no new car will be parked in the driveway anytime soon … and there will be no plans in the near future for any substantial vacations … but, what the hell ...


David Drake said...

20 year lifespan for the water heater. That's a long life, boy. Mine lasted 18 years and I knew it was a matter of time until my downstairs was a swimming pool, so replaced it 2 years ago. Rheem brand. So far, so good. Hope the same to you too!

"Zack" said...

Oh yeah ... good wishes aimed back at ya! Over the years some (many) of our neighbors had catastrophic basement flooding ... some had finished basements and they had to rip out the sheetrock and wooden floors and start over ... some had homeowners insurance that did not cover the damage. Our basement is used for some storage but is unfinished insofar as being "living space." We've had only one tornado warning in all these years that was serious enough for us to grab the cats and head into the basement.