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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Monthly Weigh-In 11/28/2018 = 190 lbs; down 5 lbs from last month; down 35 lbs so far this year.

Quite honestly, at 190 lbs I still feel old, fat, and tired; dieting certainly ain't no fountain of youth.  Do I feel better than I did 35 lbs ago?  Oh, hell yeah, you betcha!  Even though this time of year just plain sucks for my moods, I'd rather be where my weight is now than where it was when I started dieting.  I'll stick with the plan ...

I made it through Halloween okay.  I was going to hand out money to the kids but decided candy would be cheaper and more fun for the kids.  I didn't sneak a treat ... not a single bite.  I gave the better part of the remains of the candy to a neighbor lady to take to work ... my diabetic wife darn near put herself into a coma snacking on some of it ... we had to throw the rest of it away.  

Insofar as pigging out on Thanksgiving Day, my down-home DNA had me feasting mostly on ham.  I didn't have a taste for anything sweet.

The weather helped out by giving me a serious workout;  I would have been unable to lose those last couple of pounds without the assistance of Global Warming.  The snow was so wet and heavy it kept choking off the snowblower blades and discharge chutes.  Between shoveling and wrestling with the blowers, I managed to clear our driveway, 200-yards of public sidewalk, and three driveways for neighbors in distress.   No doubt about it, I gotta get a snowblower that can eat slush and ice.

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