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Thursday, May 23, 2019

My tech discipline is in need of reconditioning

Finally, I got around to backing up the drive on my 2011 vintage MacBook Pro.  My last backup was on 12/31/2018 ... kind of a New Year thing I guess.  I had to put a new battery in the MacBook myself in mid January of this year (Apple throws owners of old devices to the curb).  As soon as I get a firm word on when Apple will no longer send software updates I'll buy a new one.

I suppose I should consider going back to making triplicate backups on separate storage devices with one of them stored offsite ... but I dunno ...  sometimes it is hard to muster the energy to keep up with everything ... if I don't do it I may someday wish I had ... if I go to the extremes and wind up never needing it I may someday wonder why I bothered.

I was schooled to avoid living a life full of "shoulda coulda woulda" regrets ...  I guess it is better to have the backups and not need them than to kick myself for being a lazy old bastard that knew better ...