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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

When on the road with my guns I do make the effort to comply with the letter and intent of the myriad of laws ...



... but I gotta be honest,  it ain't easy.  Just the nuances of Illinois compliance stuff often makes my head swim; crossing from state to state sometimes is like ... wow ... although CCL reciprocity has helped immensely.  There are some anti-gun states in the USA that I just won't visit.  For that matter (concealed carry license or not, for safety reasons more than the legalities) there are some cities in Illinois that I avoid like I would an outbreak of Ebola.  


The above (very old)  locking metal box is what I call my "vehicle compliance box."  I won't bore you with the details of when it is used and why ... let's just say that I do make the effort and I also keep the telephone numbers of a couple of lawyers on speed dial in case I am detained because I misunderstood a nuance of some law.  

"Unloaded, locked, separate from ammunition, and not readily accessible" used to be a good general guideline ... the box went in the trunk.  Some guns are more readily unloaded than others ...

Many many many years ago I traveled with unloaded handguns stowed inside my luggage in the trunk ... until I was offered a legal opinion that in some jurisdictions it would be considered as "carrying concealed" ... that the handguns must be locked in a recognizable "handgun box." Some states offered that it was okay to have a loaded "car gun" provided that it was holstered in plain view ... others states said / implied that it had to be holstered in the glove box ... and in some jurisdictions the presence of a holster was prima facie evidence of the intent to carry concealed.

Then again there will always be a sizable portion of the population that just doesn't give a shit about gun laws, orders of protection, DUI laws, etc ...