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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Part 2 of Shooting Range Session 01/03/2022 with the S&W 60-9 .357 Magnum and the Colt Defender .45 ACP

The .45 ACP Colt Defender is obviously small.  
The alloy frame is also very light in weight.  
It can be a challenging pistol to shoot with consistency.
It can be finicky about ammo, the magazines used to feed the ammo, and the hand that fires it.
All of the above is what makes it GREAT FUN!  

I switched back to the factory original wrap-around rubber grips for this session in order to provide more room for the butt of my support hand. The pistol looks sexier with the wooden panels but it MAY be a just a wee bit easier to control with the wrap around grips.  Time will tell.

I had not fired this handgun in over a year (since 10/28/2020). 


Target #1 distance 21-feet (7-yards; 6.40 meters)
(The white ellipse and the yellow ellipse cover the holes from the revolver portion of this range session.) The RED ellipse covers the spread of the 25-rounds of .45 ACP that I fired at this target.  My point of aim was the yellow patch of duct tape that I had placed over the center (my red front sight gets lost in the red center of these targets). The first 19-rounds created a nice raggedy hole close to my point of aim and then I completely lost my mojo and randomly sprayed 6-rounds low.  WTF was that all about?  I'll guess that I just lost mental focus.  At that point in time I decided that I needed a clean "do-over"; I took a breather and put up a fresh target for the next 25-rounds. 


Target #2 distance 21-feet (7-yards; 6.40-meters)
There were 25-rounds of ammo left for me to burn.  I put a patch of yellow duct tape on the red center for me to focus on, rolled the target out and commenced to shooting.  I was back into a magical Zen moment of having all rounds go into a raggedy hole NEAR where I wanted them to go when my (now raggedy) patch of yellow duct tape came unglued and blew through the target.  CRAP!  CRAP!  CRAP! Now I was back to being distracted by my red front sight blurring into my point of aim.  I did lose part of my visual and mental focus at that point but was happy to see that my spray of the remaining rounds stayed inside the 8-ring of the target --- or so I thought.  DO YOU SEE THAT HOLE IN THE LOWER LEFT OF THE TARGET?  I circled it in yellow.  I didn't notice it until I rolled the target in.  That really messed up my day, I tell ya.  I have no idea when I tossed that round low and wide, completely outside of the numbers; it looks like I was anticipating recoil and pushed into the pistol when I squeezed (or flinch-jerked) the trigger.  Not good.  Bad Zack.  BAD BAD BAD!  You are a despicable, decrepit old man. Go home, clean your guns and go to your room (and soak that throbbing arthritic shooting hand of yours in ice water for a WEEK!)

There were no problems / jams / malfeeds / misfires, etc during this range visit.

50-rounds .45-ACP total were fired.
43-rounds were 230-grain Federal Syntech red ball range fodder.

7 separate Wilson Combat brand 6-round magazines were used along with a single 7-round Ed Brown magazine (the only brand of 7-round magazine that I found that works well with this particular pistol).

Thank you 5 Star Firearms for the great shooting range and all of the other gunslinging goodness that you provide!  

"My advice to you is to get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.”

Support YOUR local shooting range! You may live to be glad that you did.

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