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Sunday, January 22, 2023


I do hate the short days of winter.  I pathologically abhor them. 

Halloween is when my SAD slowly begins.  By then (up in these parts) daylight has waned to 10-hours and 25-minutes.  Our darkest day up here is December 21 when we have only 9-hours and 7-minutes of daylight and it is usually the peak of my wintertime blues.  Several years ago we began taking annual sojourns to Florida during the "Holiday Season" and I felt GREAT!  Due to obligations lately, primarily the care and comfort of our aged cat (my buddy FREAK), we have stayed home.

(I leave an electric heater on both upstairs and downstairs for Freak to bask near.)
(Our electricity bill is humongous.  I need to buy more shares of Exelon.)

Anyhoo, as of today (01/22/2023) we are back to 9-hours and 41-minutes of daylight; the extra ~half-hour is noticeable and I can feel that the load of winter is beginning to lighten.  By Groundhog Day (honestly, my favorite day of the year) the 10-hours and 5-minutes of daylight will have me feeling that emancipation is so near that I can taste it (OOORAH!).



  1. I don't know what to do with all this extra winter daylight! ;)
    Sir Freak looks great!

    1. Dunno how y'all can live that far north. Minnesota is not for me; no way! Freak agrees!

      Freak is still hanging in there; he's a tough old bugger. Blind as a bat, he still moseys up and down the stairs on his own, has no trouble sniffing out where the food, water, and litter-boxes are. Until he convinces himself that heaven is a better place than this I guess he ain't ready to go ;) Right now he is eating some left over salmon that Maria brought home from our usual Sunday night dinner out on the town.

      Take care David. Thanks for stopping by.


    2. I live in extreme south Texas, hard up against the border with Mexico, near mouth of Rio Grande River. Our regional SAD is in summer, while we all pant and suffer 'perspiration incontinence'. Sun rays actually *sting* after 15 minutes of exposure. No bueno !! Right now, 50's for lows, 70's for highs.- I can do a lot more !!

    3. A younger brother loves to winter down in Mexico and spend time swimming in the ocean. Never heard of him spending time down there during summer. I loves me some warm weather but nothing like you describe.

      Thanks for stopping in! Stay cool.



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