Saturday, October 18, 2008


EDIT:  I sold this pistol in late June of 2016; I'm getting older and need to reduce my gun inventory for estate reasons.  It is hard to say goodbye to a darn good gun.


Most of my readily available home defense guns are .38 caliber revolvers, but three semi-automatic pistols also are on my top tier; the largest of those pistols is the compact Sig P239 9MM with Siglite night sights.

If I need to tuck it into my waistband, a
Don Hume H715 clip holster is my choice. If I choose open carry, or semi-open carry with a shirttail or jacket hiding the gun, I use a Fobus Evolution paddle holster. Both holsters are very fast to put on and take off.

For personal defense, the 115-grain Federal 9BPLE +P+ load is my first choice for 9MM pistols, followed by the 124-grain +P Speer Gold Dot. I have enough of each to last the rest of my natural life.

The Sig P239 and the Glock-26 are as small as I care to go with a 9MM pistol, and they would be as large as I personally would choose for concealed carry if it were legal to do so in Illinois. I own both and only marginally prefer the Sig to the Glock.


Anonymous said...

I´ve used a lot of different pistols during the last three decades, and I can honestly say that if I have any say what so ever in the matter, I will pick a SIG P-series over any other. Consistently great performance, regardless if it´s a P226,228,229 or the newer 239. The last one fit my smallish hand like no other, bar none.


Brit BG

Anonymous said...

I can not speak about the Sig P239 but I can speak about the Sig P229 as I purchased one used this past weekend and just got to try the weapon out today with some Walmart 9MM ammo , it is probably the best 9MM pistol I have ever owned ! A smooth trigger pull and very accurate , an ideal pistol for home protection or in your auto or while hiking in the backwoods ! Not exactly a pocket pistol as it is full size but a great holster gun !