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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SKS Carbine

The SKS carbine is a well-designed, well-built, utility grade firearm once imported from China in such bulk that you could purchase a “new in box” item for just a bit over $100. Our government decided that too many citizens were arming themselves at bargain prices, so they banned SKS imports from China in 1994; another shining slice of Bill Clinton’s legacy of gun control silliness. The SKS is more akin to our WWII / Korean War era M1 Garand than it is to any modern military assault rifle.

The Chinese Norinco SKS pictured above was part of my collection for a few years, but was sold since there was no place nearby to have real fun with it, and because the gun-safe was too crowded.


Anonymous said...

They are a really neat weapon ! And prices are still not too high , last gun show I was at seen some for around $200 but now a days more people want the AK-47 rather than the SKS ! Ammo is easy to get and both the SKS and AK-47's are well built , much of the things that are made in China I have to admit is just junk ! Some of their cheaper air-guns both the pistols and rifles are total crap , metal breaks off and sometimes pellets will just drop out when they are placed in the chamber and inaccurate when they do shoot ! But their military rifles the SKS and AK-47's and their 9MM Norinco pistols always have worked for me ! The stocks on the SKS and AK-47 could be alittle better but everything else is fine ! A very good buy for one's money !

Binky said...

I have a 1954 Tula-made Russian SKS that I absolutely love. I bought it for a about $220 Canadian a year ago. For a firearms novice like me, its reassuring to have a center fire rifle that I can completely dis-assemble with confidence.

Anonymous said...

Bought one of these in the early 90's NIB for $100, and still love it (and that's coming from a blue state left-winger!). It shoots a lot better than a semi-auto AK, and if 100 rounds on stripper clips doesn't solve my problem, I'm probably cooked anyway!

JWMJR said...

The SKS is a great first line weapon. More accurate snd stable than any AK butime.Ammo is cheap and plentiful. Lighter weight and easier to handle than an M1. Only drawback is that if you mount a scope you have to remove it for disassembly and cleaning and must resight the weapon every time.