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Monday, September 15, 2008

Gun Holsters

This blog entry has information that is somewhat time specific. Lefty Lewis at Bell Charter Oak is having a fall sale. Certain pancake holster designs have been marked down $10 and shipping is free if you buy two holsters, which gives you a total savings of $40.

There seem to be far more gun makers today than there are top tier holster makers. Our armed forces in “hot zones” are always looking for quality holsters, so along with the orders from those in law-enforcement and orders from civilians that carry concealed, all of the top makers have orders stacked up. A Bell Charter Oak holster is about six or seven week wait, about average for the top makers. If you are shipping out to Afghanistan or Iraq, give your favorite holster maker a call; I am sure most will move you up the list.

I am quite surprised at the number of hits this blog site gets for “gun holsters,” and more surprised about the number of hits from those searching for “wheelchair concealed carry holster.” I know for sure that Bell Charter Oak has a design specifically for the special needs of a wheelchair, and several other designs that may serve just as well. Click through the “gun holster website” links on the left hand side of
the Google Blogger version of this site, there are many custom holster makers that can help you with your needs.

If you are a holster maker / seller and do not find your name listed on the left hand side of the Google Blogger version of this site, I did not deliberately exclude anyone, please send me your URL; it will be my honor to add you.

The shark-trimmed holster with the Glock 26 in the photo above is one I am proud to own, purchased from
Del Fatti Leather. Due to a large backlog of orders, Matt Del Fatti is not accepting new orders until further notice. However, it is worth peeking in on his site to look at the gallery of some of his work, and to see if he pops any surprises into his “in stock” listings.

Thanks for the visit.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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