ante omnia armari

Vive la liberté! Vive all y'all!

Ante omnia armari.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

David from England said...

A comment came in today via
an old blog entry; it warmed my heart.

David from England said...
"Hailing from overseas, your friendly neighbour "Britain.”Put simply, you guys have it good. The need for firearms for home and self defense is a right that should never be taken away simply because of a minority fear. Vigilance is the only defense against the domestic threat you are currently up against, which can be utilised with such unions as the NRA or GOA etc.I wish our country would realise its shortcomings and our inalienable rights. Until then there will be ever increasing regulations and surveillance, a reversal on the old saying “I carry a firearm because a copper is too heavy".

God Bless the constitution."


Hammer said...

There are some folks out there that still get it.

I wish we could have more immigrants like that gentleman.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hey Hammer,

Yep, freedom loving immigrants like that gentleman were the ones setting the stage for us in 1776. Too bad Britain doesn't send us all of their freedom loving "bad apples." We can then send them some of ours, the ones who hold Great Britain as a shining example of civilization ...

Strange that we have people from overseas saying "God Bless The Constitution" while we have U.S. born folks saying The Constitution is not fit for the modern world.