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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Congress is making erstwhile Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich look like the most honest man ever to practice politics.

Everything is for sale; everyone is gaining or losing something for their healthcare reform bill vote. There are solicitations, overt threats, covert threats, overt offers, and covert offers. When Blago did it, it was criminal. When Congress does it, it is politics.

Who needs reality TV? This is AMERICA! “Welcome to Hell! Wanna buy a whore? We gots ‘em in all the best self-serve flavors, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.”

This shit is great, the most fun I have ever had watching our government in action.

“Up or down vote”
“Slaughter House Rule”
“Deem and Pass”
“The Republicans used it so we can too!”
“…but … but… we didn’t use it for the big things… ”

This is how our system works, just like a high school civics class experiencing steroid rage; it is raw, in your face, and ever full of legal and ethical fog. History is in the making, and we all are living it. The question is whether we can survive it.

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