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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snubnose revolver training in Hellertown, PA on Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snub revolvers are handily concealable and their function is relatively easy to understand, making them ever-popular choices for concealed carry and home defense. Learning to shoot a snub well enough for self-defense may take a bit of coaching for a new shooter. Mr. or Ms. Average Snub Shooter may feel a need for some coaching in order to put the odds more in their favor. Advanced shooters may benefit from taking a refresher course from time to time.

Most any new shooter can take a snub revolver and readily hit a stationary target the size of a cantaloupe out to a range of a couple of feet or so beyond arms length. Move Mr. Melon back five feet and a few of those same new shooters might start finding it harder to score hits 100% of the time. Mr. Melon becomes ever safer from the snub-shooter as the distance grows to ten feet, fifteen feet, twenty feet, and beyond. If the evil Mr. Melon is smart enough to duck in and out of cover or move from side to side, he may just run the snub-shooter out of ammo; how fast can you reload a revolver under stress?

Michael de Bethencourt of has his Secrets of the Concealed Snub and Mastering the Concealed Snub classes returning to Hellertown, PA on Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1, 2010. Michael notes that the classroom and range exercises for both the Secrets of the Concealed Snub and the Mastering the Concealed Snub classes has been improved and expanded. The new drills were tested in Bridgeport CT and Kittery, ME and both classes were an overwhelming success.

Additionally, Crimson Trace, LaserMax, Surefire, and have also updated the supply of loaner laser stocks, tactical lights, and custom snub holsters.


1 comment:

Dean Speir said...

Still not sold on "laser" aiming devices on handguns, especially snub revolvers.

From the jump we are taught, and train, to focus on the front sight and drive that front sight to the target. For those of us to whom this came late in our shooting careers, the old habit of focusing on the target was a tough one to un-learn.

Now we are expected to ignore that front sight and follow the bouncing red dot on the target!

I DON'T think so!

And, Murphy today being as ubiquitous as was Kilroy 75+ years ago, what is the procedure when the battery or laser diode takes a dump at the worst possible moment?