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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mike Harlow Holsters update 1/13/2011


This humble blog has received many hits from search engine queries such as “What happened to Mike Harlow Holsters?” After looking over the various internet sites, I see that nobody has anything bad to say about Mike or his wares; most just seem to want to find him so they can buy one or more of his holsters.

The Mike Harlow Holsters website at http://www.harlowholsters.com/ has not been responsive for quite some time so I am guessing it is not coming back, at least at that address. There is a website at http://store.dropzone360.com/ featuring Mike Harlow Holsters, but I don’t know if this is his new site or just an affiliate. Anyway, I left Mike Harlow Holsters listed on our sidebar and changed the address to http://store.dropzone360.com/. I cannot find an email or mailing address at this site so I cannot contact anyone for details. The site offers an email newsletter that I subscribed to a couple of days ago, but have not yet received.

Best of luck to you Mike Harlow, wherever it is you may be!



Anonymous said...

well i can say i had a bad experience with him in and a knifemaker that went through him in 07 and i assume karma was the reason both businesses are now no more because wow those people are works of insanity.

Mike Harlow said...

Mike Harlow is alive and well and I still make the occasional holster. As the web sight didn't get enough attention, I dropped it. Had a falling out with a snotty gal in Concealed Carry Magazine but I see they still carry my article I wrote for them. "Concealed Carry, what works, what doesn't". Got into e-mail rants on politics and survival. Wrote my own all color survival manual titled "Tough Times". The new e-mail address is mikeharlow7@gmail.com

THX for the interest.

"Zack" said...

Fantastic! Great to hear from you, Mike. Thanks for the update.

Best wishes!