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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Baby Browning by Ed Buffaloe

CLICK HERE for yet another great article by Ed Buffaloe. It covers the history of the Baby Browning.

A design that has been around since 1931, the .25 ACP Baby might not be all the gun you will ever need, but for some situations, it may be all the gun you can carry. There is no semi-auto currently in production (that I know of) quite as small as the American made PSA Baby version of the Baby Browning. Although matched in overall length by several other designs, the Baby is substantially thinner and has a smaller grip height. It is exceptionally easy to conceal.




Me Likee. My dad had a couple of .25's in his arsenal when I was a kid, as a back up to his revolvers or as a pocket carry self defense gun in the Texas summers. I'd like to have me one of those.

Despite what anyone says about the .25ACP caliber, it was responsible for many homicides when it was a more popular caliber.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Regardless of the decades old advice to avoid choosing it as a primary self-defense caliber, a goodly number of hits to this site are from folks looking for info on .25 ACP pistols. The .25 is still alive...

IMHO, the made in the USA PSA Baby is every bit as good as the FN Browning Baby.