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Saturday, June 4, 2011

If you want to achieve an average looking lawn, the best advice I can give you is…

NEVER do what my neighbor did and use Roundup to kill broadleaf weeds on your lawn! He thought the stuff I routinely use on my lawn was not working fast enough after I treated his lawn (at my expense), so he took over a gallon and a half of Roundup and nuked his once salvageable turf into oblivion. The sad part is that the kill zone spreads each time it rains and it is moseying over the property line onto my lawn and getting dangerously close to some of my arborvitaes.

Roundup is good for its intended purpose, which is to kill weeds and grass in areas where you want nothing to grow. Read the instructions. Never use Roundup on anything you are not intending to destroy.


Ruth said...

How very not cool. I'm not sure there's anything you can do to neutralize it either.

Helene Burnett said...

WOW! That looks terrible! Awful that it's spreading to your place, too. Anything you can do?

Buy your neighbor a cheap can of green spray paint; that'll fit his gardening ability.

Anonymous said...

That's just like Jeff Cooper used to say!

Seriously, bad times. Some kids poured roundup and bleach in our yard at our old house, and it basically stayed a dead zone until the next spring.

And with the san augustine grass came back the weeds too. So much for bleach and grass/weedkiller to kill weeds and grass.

It's like that capsium pepper back ointment. You put it on at night and the next day take a shower and where ever you had it on gets all hot again.

Or as Billy Ray's mom used to say about one of his stalker girlfriends, "she's like a tick, you can't get rid of her."

El Fisho

Anonymous said...

Hey, by the way, what's this stuff called rain you speak of?

El Fisho

Anonymous said...

If you want to achieve an average looking lawn, the best advice I can give you is…

Move to Texas where it is dry as a bone.

El Fisho, and I still can't post under my google account.

Zack said...

I found that the forsythia on the side of the house is half dead, with a trail of dead turf leading to one of the neighbor's kill-zones. Ah well, things can always be worse I suppose. There is always a bright side... with his lawn looking like death-eating-crackers my lawn will look pretty darn good by comparison no matter how much I neglect it ;)

Zack said...

El Fisho, if I can only post a comment as anonymous or by choosing NAME / URL for each entry. Google supposedly knows of the problem... I dunno how close they are to fixing it... very frustrating.

Ruth said...

If you can't log into your Google account check your browser, if you're using IE, Firefox or Safari make sure its up to date, if you're using a custom browser provided by your ISP (ie: AOL) stop using it and switch, those custom browsers are full of holes. Google has apparently decided its going to stop supporting old browsers, and browsers of non-standard types.