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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Occupy Wall Street, here is a clue

We have been through tough times before and we will go though them again.  I am among the 99% you claim to represent, but you do not speak for me.  Many of your demands are naively unrealistic.  I am not in support of “living wage” legislation.  If you want to make a living wage, go qualify yourself for a job that pays a living wage and then earn it.  If you cannot earn a living wage with your current job, do what I had to do for a period of my life and work two or three jobs at a time.  The only time in my life that I had a job with only a forty-hour workweek was when I worked another job as well. 

Further, just who in hell is supposed to pay for your “free college?”  Dreams and delusions are free, everything else costs money.  Choose colleges that you (or your parents) can afford and educate yourself in a field that pays.  Don’t expect government to tax your way to “free college” unless you want more jobs to go overseas.  A large part of the fiscal problems the state of Illinois has is the ungodly sums of money GRANTED for education. 

Here are a few more life tips for you to consider.

1)  VOTE
2)   If you do vote, try reading up on whom you are voting for and quit blindly voting for familiar names and celebrities. 
3)   Vote with your wallet.  Quit feeding the banks by running up ATM and credit card fees and penalties (I don’t have an ATM card and my credit cards never carry a balance and they PAY ME at the end of each year).  Try living a debt free life within your means.  Try living without cable TV; I have for the past 20-years.  Try buying American made goods instead of foreign made.  I have been driving for well over forty-years and never once did I purchase a foreign made car.  If you cannot buy something American made, try buying only stuff you need instead of every cool gadget that you want; that pricey neat-o-baby iPad is not assembled here on our soil.  Perhaps you would support an iTax?
4)  Quit feeling sorry for yourselves.  Life is not fair and anyone promising to make life fair for you is, at best, psychotic (or a politician).

Now, before you all go medieval on me in the comments section, please note that I can document working over twenty jobs spanning over four decades, covering everything from castrating sheep to managing a multi-million-dollar facility, and never receiving a dime of unemployment. Even when there were seemingly no jobs available, I always managed to find something that nobody else wanted to do.


1 comment:

Ruth said...

Pretty much.

I stopped having any sympathy (not that there was much to begin with) after I realized that over half the interviews with protestors included comments like " I quit my job and came down here...."