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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A few things still made in the USA


CLICK HERE for some hope.



Steve said...

I have to say, that article was extremely depressing. I don't do sports; I don't play music; I don't color with crayons. In fact, the only two things that I do use are KitchenAid mixers and cars.

I was using my mixer just before sitting down to check my email. I am very glad to see that they're still made in the USA.

Unfortunately, and I know your opinion on this Zack, I will never buy another car from an American car maker. Sometimes you have such a horrible experience with something that you will never recover, and that happened to me with American cars. Back in the 70s, these guys owned the market and they didn't give a damn about the consumer or building a decent product. That may have changed (or not) but they so completely burned me that I am never going back.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Understood, my friend. I will add that I consider Toyotas and other foreign brands assembled in USA factories are a suitable compromise for me if the USA brands fail to measure up to my needs. USA brands are using many parts that are manufactured overseas...

Mulligan said...

Menards (menards.com) has periodic 'Made in the USA' sales events for home improvement items. Which makes it better than HomeDepot or Lowes in my opinion. Unfortunately they haven't expanded all the way to Texas yet.