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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seasons Greetings from the Feline Opium Den

Despite being neutered, Freak continues to urine-spray mark “his territory.”  On December 16 we began testing Feliway on our cats.  Overall, the product does seem to mellow out all the cats, but today Freak is back to spraying.  We clean up and deodorize his “marks” as fast as we can to discourage his compulsion … he unquestionably has been a challenge.

Anyway, I am sure that Coyote (aka Her Royal Highness), Stick (aka Snake), and Freak (aka Mr. Pee-Pee) want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Ruth said...


Can't help with the spraying, never owned a male cat myself, and the males my parents had when I was a kid never gave them problems that way.

Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
Merry Christmas to you and the 'fuzzy gang'. Good luck working out the issues.

Helene Burnett said...

Our felines wish your felines a Happy New Year.
Indoor crew:Ock, Fluff-ums, Bon-Bon and Baby Bella
Porch cats: Harpo, Zeppo, Peppy, Boat,Q, Copper, Crisscross, Boat Boy 1,and Boat Boy 2

The Dog refuses to extend his greetings

Get a squirt gun and give your boy a shot when you catch him spraying.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you, Art, and all of those critters! My goodness, that is one big herd of cats! Three is all we can handle. We are too close to the highways to try and keep an outdoor cat.

Freak seems to have calmed down, at least for now. He would be a perfect outdoor cat ;)



Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
Tis simple math. Outdoor cats keep mice and other small critters down. Less mice makes the place less attractive to snakes.

If you have to have a posinous snake you can't do much better than a Copperhead, but I'll still take less of them. The cats earn their keep.

Bear just wishes they would stick to mice and catfood and stay away from his groceries!