Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drug testing public aid recipients

I have no problem with that sleepy old idea, except to say that it is wasted on the pale end of the spectrum.  There is a possibility that a modified concept would have a grander fiscal effect, all the while providing us with unceasing social-media entertainment.  I speak of drug-testing those who feed at the higher end of the public money trough, beginning with the President and then on down through the vast herd of federal, state, and local politicians.  Some taxpayers may prefer once-a-week random urine samples of the high-and-mighty, verified by publicly available video, but since we are all used to politicians pissing on us, most would find a poetic attraction to witnessing blood being drawn from the parasites. 

Count on my support if the idea is reconciled to include what I have outlined above. If for nothing more, do it for all the underemployed phlebotomists and their children.


Pumice said...

I like it. This is the way the PC guided and PR influenced leaders at schools work. If they hear there is a weapon they come in and either check everyone or random ones. I hope this is picked up and passed on. So simple. So needed.

Grace and peace.

Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
I seem to recall there was some drug testing in the Clinton White House amoung his staff. That got swept under the rug pretty damn quick!