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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goring the Sacred Cow of pork spending on General Aviation Airports

This USA TODAY article paints a picture that partisans may find arguable.  However, Federal Funding of General Aviation is one of many areas that our government needs to take an HONEST look in the mirror and consider making some major changes. 

When talking about the Federal Budget, most of the discussion swings to the select few super-mega-buck items while the other hundreds (if not thousands) of lessor cost special-interest expenditures are blown-off with remarks like “cutting them only saves $Millions or $Billions, we need to find ways to save $TRILLIONS!”  Well, I feel obligated to argue that if we obsessively start cutting a slice of bacon here and there, sooner or later we have gone whole-hog and cut away all of the pork.

“GRANT” and all of its synonyms should be removed from the lexicon of our legislative budget process and replaced with the term “fully securitized, non-forgivable, federal LOAN.”

1 comment:

Pumice said...

The key word was "honest" in taking an honest look. Intellectually I believe there are some honest, honorable people in congress. They don't seem to have much influence.

Grace and peace.