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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Illinois FOID renewal card arrived today

I am no longer a felon; I can again legally possess all of the guns and ammo that I own.

My FOID was set to expire on June 1 so I wanted to get my renewal processed early.  On Monday, April 2, I processed the form and photo at GAT Guns; they said they would mail it with the others at the end of the week.  Let us be charitable and assume that the Illinois State Police did not receive that bundle of mail until Monday, April 16; it took them over two months to process and mail my renewal.

If my experience is typical, you can expect a wait of bit over eight weeks for your FOID to arrive.


Crustyrusty said...

Gee, if I were the paranoid type, I'd think this was happening on purpose...

Nah. Not in IL. *cough*

James A. Zachary Jr. said...


Glenn B said...

I would say it's just due to it being government but heck, I worked for the government for 32 years and was rarely that slow on anything like that. When I did an administrative investigation like a background investigation. I imagine they are doing a limited background investigation before they renew each card. Otherwise, I could not understand the wait at all, unless there are just so many folks with cards that they have become overwhelmed. Of course, I have never quite understood the government's propensity to emulate the flow of molasses on a cold day. Sort of like me waiting on my pension payments being finalized to the full amount. I am still waiting and it will be 8 months on July 1 at partial payments.

Well, at least they didn't storm your house and lock you up because they held back your card and thus turned you into a potential felon. I would not be surprised though, if it gets any closer to the left edge, that at sometime in the future they will try to prosecute folks for that.

All the best,