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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Matt Del Fatti convertible pocket / inside the waistband J-Frame carry

A great holster maker needs to have years of experience carrying the guns he makes holsters for, he needs to be an artist with an obsession for details, and he needs to be a psychic and instinctively know what his customers want and need.

I really like the looks of this holster and now have one motoring its way to my door.  For me, it is not so much that this holster is convertible to pocket carry (I already have a few of Matt’s PH3s for J-Frames; left hand, right hand, different colors, etc.), but I have long felt that the Del Fatti PH3 pattern would be great for inside the waistband if an artisan could position the clips perfectly.  Voila, today I see such a creation listed “in stock” at his website.  Matt Del Fatti never fails to exceed all expectations.

If you are going to shove a handgun inside your waistband, purse, or pocket, a well-designed holster is essential for safety and comfort.



I'm a fixin' to order me one of these, Zach. Thanks for turning me onto this holster. With summer HERE already full bore in Texas, clothing is light and IWB's for j frames and Colt 3rd Gen Cobra/Det Specials are in order.

As you note, the placement of the belt clips is key to concealment. So many put the clip over the cylinder, thus greatly increasing the visibility and bulk of the rig.

Plus, I wear often in the 4 to 5 O'clock position, and on most pants, jeans and belted shorts, one clip goes behind and one clip in front of that 5 O'Clock belt loop.

Hope all is well my friend! Thanks for the review and if I had the cash it would be so easy to drop a few grand at his site. Yowzaa!

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Good to hear from you again! I enjoyed reading about your latest fishing adventures. We have been stuck in some hot, dry, Texas style weather here in Illinois, but it sure beats our winters.

Matt is my favorite maker; most of his work is custom but he does make some fanstastic standards.

My very best to you and your family!

Theresa said...

How about you buy the Best Knife for Hunting with it too? I think you should be look into the skills you need to handle a decent knife as you would a gun.