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Friday, October 5, 2012

The iPhone 5 may be my next purchase

Jeez, I can be such a durned cheapskate.  The purchase of an iPhone is a major financial decision for me.  Then again, my retirement income and savings inspires frugality; I never buy anything unless I can afford to pay the credit card in full each month AND keep all the items in my budget on target.  Sometimes eating something from the McDonald’s dollar menu is a major decision.  On the rare occasion that I find the budget carrying a significant surplus, I send extra money to pay down the mortgage, which is my sole debt.  In six years or so, I hope to be free of that obligation.  

Perhaps by the end of this year or shortly thereafter I will make the leap of faith and get that iPhone.  Of all the functions possessed by the new breed of smart-phones, most of all I need a new digital camera.  The old behemoth digital camera I used for most of the gun-photos on this site long ago bit the dust and I have been trying to live with the poorer photos from the camera on my cheap cell phone.  The photo abilities of the iPhone look to be quite an improvement and I expect it to be everything that my lack of talent can use.

Until then, the photo quality at this blog will continue to be equal to or below the quality of the photo below.  It is supposed to show the brick sidewalk I have been working on that will connect the front patio to the rear patio.  I cannot afford to pay professionals to do the hardscape that I want to grace my postage-stamp size yard so I have been hauling in and installing the rocks, gravel, and bricks myself, a few tons each year.  No completion date is within view.