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Friday, November 9, 2012

AT&T door-to-door sales has been a pain in my ass for years

This unflattering post will reappear as the lead entry of this obscure little blog site each time AT&T sales ignores my NO SOLICITORS sign and knocks on my door.  I am sick to death of AT&T.  Once or twice a year, since a little before the “do not call list” put limits on AT&T’s ability to invade the privacy of our home via telemarketers, AT&T sends door-to-door sales to my house.  They always begin by saying  (I am paraphrasing) “we are here to inform you of the work we will be doing in your backyard easement during cable upgrade.” THAT is a LIE!  The underground cables in our neighborhood have NEVER been updated and never will be.  The cables are state of the art.  I know this because I have asked many of the AT&T repairmen.  That opening statement by AT&T sales (I was told) gets AT&T Corporation legally around most NO SOLICITOR ordinances.  The salesman then asks who my cable provider is, etc., which is when I get cranky with them.

If EVER I do choose to subscribe to a cable service, it WILL NOT BE AT&T.  Further, I am so pissed off with AT&T that the next time I need to replace our family cell phones, I AM SWITCHING FROM AT&T TO ANOTHER PROVIDER.  After that, if AT&T continues to bully their way passed my NO SOLICITORS sign, I will switch my home phone and DSL to another vendor.

Go ahead, AT&T.  Keep on sending those asshole salesmen to my door and, for better or for worse, I will continue to give you all kinds of free online advertising.


Ruth said...

Thats not one I've dealt with, well, I did when I lived in Syracuse a few times. Though not AT&T (the big local issue is some little power company trying to steal customers away from the big power company and using shady tactics to get ahold of account numbers). I do have to say that I hope I'm home the day the next one ignores OUR "No Solicitors"...the one and only we've had so far got back in his truck really quickly when Apollo "greeted" him.....

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Heh! Maybe I should use a life size photo of Apollo's face on my door with "NO SOLICITORS" under it.

Ruth said...

I'll send you a video/audio recording of his growling ;) you can play it next time one knocks. You'll need big speakers and a good bass system though!

Pumice said...

Did you turn the "comments" back on, are you being selective or is it just that my old eyes haven't been able to find it?

Grace and peace.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Ruth, I play sound clips of barking dogs whenever our probem-cat becomes overly agressive with the other two cats. I can use Apollo's pipes to really rattle him ;)

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Pumice, I selectively turn comments on and off for personal reasons I'd rather not blather about in public.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ruth said... I need to see if I can catch him barking....if your email will hold the file I'll email it so you don't have to be online ;)