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Monday, February 4, 2013

Here is how to keep more guns from reaching the hands of the public

Quit trying.

Whether real or perceived, the threat of government banning or restricting guns and ammunition has put far more firearms into the hands of law abiding Americans than the NRA ever could.  I would have surmised that the great thinkers in our government would have figured that out by now. 

The late Mike Schrank of Waukegan once told me that “gun control” was the best thing that ever happened to his business.  He said that before the plethora of anti-gun zealot politicians, his business suffered ebb and flow from one hunting season to the next.  He said that guns used to be a discretionary purchase for most folks and that when recessions hit, his business suffered like all others.  When talk of gun bans became louder and more common, buying guns moved from being discretionary to essential, even during recessions.

I supposed that the bright side of all this is that guns and ammo sales has been one of the few true economic successes of the Obama administration.  It seems like the only time politicians get something right is by being wrong.

(In memory of Mike (seated) and John Schrank; we miss you both.  You were great friends and honest merchants.)



You've hit that nail right on the head!

My local stores have had several years worth of business in a couple of months. Their businesses were already great, but have been many times that the past few months.

One local gun dealer began pulling out all of his hidden treasures because of the frenzy of customers streaming through his store. His retirement fund, he called them. Trade in's from the past 25 years that he put in the gun safe waiting for just such a day. And yes, he's sold about all of them rather quickly.

The other day he put up an old High Standard Police Shotgun, the sorta bullpup design from the late 70's. Priced at $1200, I watched as it went out the door in minutes. Complete with integral still working D cell Kel-Lite. He said he took it on a trade 20 years ago.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

I'm thinking about profiteering a few items myself ;)

Wilson said...

O - Gun salesman of the century!