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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr. President, this is not 1963 and you sure as hell are not Martin Luther King.

Well, surprise, surprise; the POTUS decided to again fan the flames

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man; he was a warrior for righteousness. Barack Obama is an opportunistic, lying, political hack.  The biggest civil rights tragedy today is black on black crime, but that does not play well with the POTUS or his constituency.

70.5% of the murderers in Chicago are Black, and 75.3% of the murder victims are Black
24.3% of the murderers in Chicago are Hispanic, and 18.9% of the murder victims are Hispanic
3.5% of the murderers in Chicago are White and 4.6% of the murder victims are White


Pumice said...

I took a quick look at the opening pages looking for a breakdown of the city population. If 85% of the murders were one group and that group made up 85% of the population it would not be a significant factor. I think you see the same trend across the country though.

Also it was interesting that the number of murders last recorded was half what it was 20 years ago. Incredible. And we think it is bad now.

Grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

Only ONE murder was attributed to a "rifle" (could have been a muzzle loader or a high powered pellet rifle - doesn't say). Obviously, "assault weapons" need to be restricted because they are used so much in crime [probably not even one]! Hands/feet/fists were responsible for 15 murders, more than rifles, shotguns and unknown guns combined. Thanks for the information... VERY interesting!