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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Whom do you trust with your guns?

How far do you trust them?  Some of my family, friends, or acquaintances I trust with my guns not one lick.  Others in my world I trust with my guns as long as both are under my watchful eye.  There are only a scant few who I have no reservations about whatsoever.

Insofar as the handgun(s) in my pocket(s), (or concealment holster(s)) there is never a problem, but PLEASE do not bring your children or your mentally unbalanced self or significant other over to visit unannounced; I need notice so that I can take any gun(s) that may be strategically hidden about the house and put it / them back into locked storage.  Hidden guns (or money, or jewelry, etc.) are not immune from discovery by the rude explorations of some people (or their children) who seem to have no social grace; what is behind the books on my shelves is none of your business (and that is not where I hide anything anyway).  I prefer to leave little to chance.

Yes, those locked safes have guns in them.  Safes are a deterrent against theft and mischief by burglars and visitors.  No, you cannot see any of the guns unless I choose to allow it.  Maybe I just do not feel up to it.  Maybe it is because you have a history of being unstable.  Maybe it is because you are a prohibited person as defined by law.  Maybe I just don’t trust you.  No, I don’t much care if your parents allowed you as a preteen to sleep with a loaded Glock beneath your pillow.  Your world is under your roof while my world is under mine.


Keads said...

Indeed. Good post.

Pumice said...

Most of the people I work with don't even need to know that I own guns. Their fear and sheep-like behavior might get me on a list some day.

Grace and peace.

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True. As a responsible gun owner, we should always keep our guns where nobody else can access it unless we allow them to. Quality safes are always a great choice to keep our guns away from theft and mischief by burglars and visitors alike.

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