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Monday, September 22, 2014

Instruction Sheet for Ken Null’s SMZ (Smertch) Shoulder Holster

Ken Null does a much better job describing how this holster works than I can.  I scanned the primary side of the instruction sheet that came with the holster, but had to cut the resolution in order to get the file to a reasonable size for use on this blog.  You will likely have to zoomify it with your browser or make a copy for home use in order to read it.

BELOW is a copy-and-paste product description of the SMZ taken from Ken Null's Website.

"FACT. . . .

Very few individuals who purchase a conventional shoulder holster end up using it for very long. . . . Contrary to expectation, most shoulder holsters prove impractical. . . .too bulky, too heavy, too restrictive, in a word: uncomfortable. . . .

Designed initially for the CIA and other covert government agencies, this once restricted holsters is being offered to you, the highly trained professional, whose needs demand the very utmost in totally reliable, ultra concealable carry, the SMZ offers its user a combination of superior speed, comfort and weapon retention unparalleled in the industry.

Utilizing the very latest in rugged, spaceage synthetics, the SMZ is a holster you can live with, day after day. Its synthetic and stitchless construction will neither attract nor retain moisture thus providing a safe, worry free environment for your weapon’s finish and more importantly, its function. Further, its open muzzle design accommodates a variety of barrel lengths and/or the addition of a compensator or suppressor.

Dispensing entirely with the bulk and discomfort found in virtually every other shoulder system, the skeletonized SMZ provides total weapon security balanced with an error free, incredibly fast draw.

As in all our shoulder holsters, the SMZ utilizes the unique NULL tri-span suspension system which not only negates the weapon’s weight while not binding the wearer’s shoulders. . . .but also allows the weapon to maintain the same attitude as the body thus preventing the "give-away" signature of the weapon under the clothing that is common for all other types of shoulder harnesses. The weapon is easily presented from its secure position by a natural forward twist.

Available in white or black with matching harness colour.

Place the odds in your favor. . . .where they belong!


I first started using the SMZ back in early February of this year when I purchased one (white color) for use with my D-Frame Colt Revolvers (primarily the lightweight Colt Agent).  Since then I have purchased two more SMZ holsters, one (white color) for my J-Frame S&W Revolvers and one (black color) for my Walther PPK.  I guess that you might say that I find the SMZ agreeable.

The Ken Null SMZ has lineage going back to circa 1960s with Paris Theodore’s Seventrees, Ltd.

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