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Saturday, January 10, 2015

1904 Vintage Parker Brothers Double Barrel Shotgun

There are few creations of man as pleasing to my eyes as this ~110-year-old Parker Brothers Shotgun, shown here on a 15-year-old, well worn, cat-vomit stained family-room carpet.  My universe is truly in balance.  

This particular shotgun has long served as a dutiful hunter.  As far as it ever becoming a collectable, there is much wrong with this piece that needs attention; some screw slots are damaged, the barrels probably have been refinished at some time or another and may not be to spec, and for some bizarre reason a key identifier as to the type of steel used in making the barrels has been deliberately obliterated.  In addition, at some time during this gun's history the stock was broken and repaired.  

Despite the wear and tear,  there is a sweet magic that happens when you put a handful of low-pressure shells in your game coat pocket and walk the hedgerows with this gun cradled in your arm.  It whispers to you all along the way, welcoming you as an equal partner in over a century of hunting adventures.  

Serial number 123112 puts this gun's year of manufacture as 1904.

Above is a very visible repair to a broken stock.  

Below, the two dark spots look to be hardwood dowels fitted to give strength to the glued sections.


Pumice said...

Beautiful piece of practical art.

A word of caution though. The identity thieves may be able to use the cat vomit to steal your ID.

Grace and peace.

DaddyBear said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. You just don't see craftsmanship like that anymore without dropping a house payment or three.


That's consistent with your excellent taste in firearms my friend, and now you've got me putting another gun on the list of ones I'd like to have.

Hope all is well. Gosh, it's hard to single out which detail of that gun is the most impressive.

Glenn B said...

Nice gun and great photo caption:

"There are few creations of man as pleasing to my eyes as this ~110-year-old Parker Brothers Shotgun, shown here on a 15-year-old, well worn, cat-vomit stained family-room carpet. My universe is truly in balance."

I almost fell over laughing at that one.

James Zachary said...

Thanks guys.