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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Florida says you can't let your gun shine in the sunshine, so you have to carry it concealed.

Near the top of my list of goals for the New Year was securing a Florida Concealed Weapon License.

Inside the (above) pictured envelope are my completed application, my FBI fingerprint card, a fresh passport-size photo (with my name and DOB carefully printed on the back, as required), a check for $112, and my training certificate.  All are now on their way to beautiful Florida via U.S. Priority Mail.  Barring any of a number of common problems (such as the fact that my prints are nearly worn off all of my fingers), in a few months I should be legal to drive with a concealed handgun all the way to Florida from here atop the once great State of Illinois.

Getting a law-enforcement-agency up in this neck of the woods to roll the old fashioned ink  fingerprint card was difficult; it was a quest that took diligence, patience, and charm; I am known to be congenitally deficient of the latter two virtues.  Around seven or eight years ago I took the Florida Concealed Weapon License training course but ultimately gave up trying to find an agency that would roll my prints; mostly, the people I spoke with (then and now) were overtly anti-gun or woefully misinformed.  This past Sunday, 1/11/2015, I paid to take another Florida course (an hour's drive from home) just because there was supposed to be a cop there to roll the prints for the students; unfortunately, the cop was a no-show and there was a room full of disappointment by the end of the session.  Did I get pissed off?  Nope, sometimes that is the way things go; we all just have to work through our problems and move on.  Heck, I will be still be making referrals to that training outfit, but the recommendations will be far less enthusiastic than in the past.

EDIT:  On Saturday 1/17/2015 application arrived at destination
EDIT:  On Thursday 1/22/2015 check was cashed
EDIT:  On Saturday 2/28/2015 my Florida CWL was in my mailbox.  That took EXACTLY 6-weeks from when the application arrived in Florida.  Not bad, Florida!  Not bad at all.  Many thanks.


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