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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Glock 43 range review number 2

My Glock 43 learning curve continues.  With the exception of the lowest target on the right side of the sheet, 5-rounds of standard pressure 115-grain 9mm were fired at each target.

During this range session, each press of the trigger was SLOW and DELIBERATE, which was very unlike my initial range session with this pistol.  I also experimented with different ways for me to grip this skinny little handgun; some ideas / methods work better than others.  I will not be practicing any one-handed shooting until I arrive at my desired two-handed skill level.  This entire range session was with the flush-fit magazine, which I find more difficult to use than the magazine with the pinky-extender.

I have not yet hit my comfort level with this handgun so my decision is still pending whether to use it for concealed carry.  Any pocket carry that I would do with this pistol would be with the flush-fit magazine.  Other carry methods likely would be with the pinky-extender mag.

The Glock 43 has all of the makings of turning into a classic.  It may sound weird because of the lack of visual similarities, but when handling and shooting the Glock 43 I get a distinct flavor of a Walther PPK (thankfully, minus the hammer bites and slide cuts).

Will the Glock 43 replace the nearly ever-present  Seecamp 9MM Kurz in my righthand pants pocket? Maybe on occasion.  The Seecamp .380 is somewhat of a talisman for me.  I do sometimes move it to my lefthand pants pocket to make room in my righthand pocket for something more substantial (usually a snub J-Frame .38).

At the heart of the soft recoil of the Glock 43 is a compound spring that makes up for some of the lack of slide-mass.  This idea was patented by Larry Seecamp back in the 1980s and is used by almost every manufacturer that makes small, powerful handguns.

 Anyway, back to the range session.  The top 2-targets were set at 15-feet.

 The middle 2-targets were set at 21-feet.

The bottom 2-targets were set at 30-feet.  Long ago I was taught that I learn absolutely nothing unless I am brutally honest with myself.  The tale these photos of the targets don't tell is the CLEAN, OFF-PAPER, MISS that I tossed low on my first shot at the final target on the right hand side.  It was a latent, lazy, undisciplined "eyes wide shut" flinch; I knew that I did it as soon as the trigger broke.  The remaining 4-rounds of hardball were in the red, as were 3-rounds of +P 124-grain Gold Dot hollowpoints that I threw at the target just to make sure that I wasn't regressing.

Ammo tally:
90-rounds on 4/28/15 (60 of them +P)
33-rounds 5/5/15 (3 of them +P)

I suffered my first operator induced Glock 43 pistol malfunction during this range session; I had my thumb tight against the slide-stop during one string of fire; the slide did not lock open when the mag went empty.

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