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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Super-smart computers are no longer science fiction. Get ready for a heck of a ride into the future.

Since the super-intelligent humans are worrying about super-intelligent computers, I assume that it is time for the rest of us to worry.

How do you prevent "something" from taking control of "everything" when the "something" is immeasurably smarter than any collective group of humans?

Which government will be the first to have one or more super-smart computer systems?  Will it be the Russians, the USA, the Chinese, the Japanese, or other?    What happens if the CIA or KGB go rogue with a super-smart computer.  What happens if a CIA or KGB super-smart computer goes rogue on its own?  Nuclear launch codes and computer system air-gaps are pale safeguards against a super-intelligence.

Which corporate giant will be the first to have a super-smart computer?  Will it be Google, IBM, Apple, or some lesser known entity.  Will governments try to confiscate the systems or regulate these corporations?

Will a super-smart, autonomous, sentient computer system experience feelings of compassion and beneficence?  Moreover, is it possible for a computer to become downright nasty and evil?

What happens if super-intelligence proves there is NO GOD?  What happens if super-intelligence proves that THERE IS A GOD, but that GOD is not quite like what most folks had in mind.

The possibilities are beyond the limits of my imagination.  Perhaps your imagination will do better.


Pumice said...

Keep in mind that the people forcasting this are the same ones who claim your car is going to destroy the planet, that guns cause violence, that the government knows what is best for you, that salt and eggs are bad for you, that the population explosion would drive the world to starvation in 1980 and even what the weather will be like tomorrow.

The problem is not super-smart computers but super narcissistic people.

Grace and peace.

James Zachary said...

Hey there, Pumice

All the same, I tossed out my hi-tech toaster and hi-tech coffee maker. I now do my breakfast over a campfire. It tastes real bad, but it was good enough for the cave dwellers.

This blog is transcribed by trusted-others who receive it via my smoke signals.

Take care.