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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not many stores, businesses, or restaurants is this area of Northern Illinois are hanging the NO GUNS ALLOWED signs and my wallet certainly shows my appreciation.

I decided that some quality jewelry would be appropriate for my lovely wife's birthday, so I decided to shop a local high-end big-name stand-alone store.  My concern was that I was armed and I remember the store as (at least on occasion in past years) having armed security; I assumed that they would have a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign by the entrance.  I hate the idea of leaving my gun in the car, so I decided to shop elsewhere if I saw a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign posted.  I drove by the entrance and saw no such sign.  I then parked and walked to the entrance and again could find no sign.  Once inside, there were no signs posted so I happily gave the store my business.

I am not going to name the business because I do not want to make it a target for the anti-gun zealots, but I want to say THANK YOU to them and all other businesses that decided not to hang those worthless signs.


Lisa Lane said...

Well done! On several counts.

James Zachary said...

Thanks Lisa!

Wilson said...

Very good, did you tell them that while you were there?

Glen M said...

I kept my nose clean safety training At my expense fingerprinted checked out by FBI STATE & LOCAL POLICE..PAID FOR LISENCE IE PERMIT..JUMPED THROUGH EVERY HOOP..THEY ASKED ME TO...JUST YO EXCERCISE MY 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS...NOW BEING TOLD I CAN'T CARRY HERE..CANT CARRY THERE..CERTAIN STORES..MALLS RESTAURANTS..MOVIES..FOREST..PARKS....I DONT CONDONE BREAKING THE LAW..BUT constitution states I have the right to be secure in my home & ON MY PERSON AGAINST ANY & All unwarranted search or seizure ..SO WHATS CONCEALED ON ME OUT OF SIGHT IS NO ONES BUSINESS..PERIOD...I WILL CARRY MY POCKET ROCKET.380 I have the right to defend myself ..not only on a business &,but heading out to my vehicle ..