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Saturday, November 5, 2016

For me, the ever deplorable erection of 2016 is OVER! I voted yesterday, Friday the 4th ...

My polling place was the same old familiar place that it has been for many years, the Gurnee Village Hall.  This was kinda late in the game for me to gain any personal convenience from early voting.  I expected that there would be a lull in activity between 1:00pm and 2:30pm and I was very wrong; the place was crowded with voters, marginally staffed, and very poorly organized.  The election judge that I had to deal with was a self-important moron that took a very simple process and made it confusing as hell.  HEY DUDE!  YEAH, YOU SITTING ON THE FAR END.  IT'S ME, THE GUY THAT'S HARD OF HEARING.  DON'T MUMBLE!  USE YOUR LIPS TO FORM WORDS; ENUNCIATE!  TALK TO ONE PERSON AT A TIME.  Schmuck.  Sad to say, I believe that he was the "goto guy" for when the other judges had issues to resolve.  Good help is hard to find.

I vow that for the NEXT ERECTION I will return to being among the earliest to use early voting, else I will  just tough it out on and vote on the official erection day.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Zack

I sincerely hope it goes your way!

I have previously mentioned the UK medias incredibly biased election coverage. But some of us see through it. My wife thinks that Trump gets a hard time in the media over here - even after the "pussy grabbing" tape surfaced and all the highly convenient accusations started dropping. The British media seem to think it's a man v. woman thing in your election but I am not so sure.

All the best


James Zachary said...

Thanks JonT. I sure appreciate it.

Yeah, the USA is keeping the entire world entertained with this stuff.

I'm actually an independent voter; I have no party affiliation and I believe that the GOP is just as dirty as the "*Party of Democrats." Voting for Trump is my way or rejecting both parties.

* Nothing Democratic ever happened inside the so called "Democratic Party."

Anonymous said...

I can see what you are saying...

As a detached observer of what's going on I thought George W and his dad were a bit too "Big Government" to be considered conservative.

From my point of view, and not being an American, I have come to the opinion that Reagan was possibly the best POTUS you have had in my lifetime (I was born in 1960). I could be wrong.

Your Constitution is brilliant but it seems to me like the Political class (and local administrations) regard it as an inconvenience and just ignore it - asset forfeiture and eminent domain etc.