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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

... blab blab babble gab blah blah blah ... impeach Trump ... blah blah blah ....

Golly gee whiz, who woulda thunk that was coming our way?  That would have required monumental prescience from some mighty powerful minds.   Fer certain and fer sure, nobody has ever tossed the idea of impeachment around before now.  This is such a blessed time ...

I do not recall Jimmy Carter being plagued by impeachment prattle; maybe I was just too bored during his tenure to pay much attention ... or I was too drunk ...

Heh, I just had a flashback to a time gone by when an elementary school teacher was jabbering about the possibility of JFK being impeached ... and my classmates chiming in with reasons why their parents thought that JFK should be impeached ... and all I could ponder during that moment was about how to sneak out of class for a cigarette ...

Lord, there are moments when I sorely miss the wisdom and good company offered by tobacco,  bourbon, and a dark room devoid of people and technology.

1 comment:

Pumice said...

If we are going to impeach, let us start with the judges.

Grace and peace.