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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yard and garden update 2/21/2017; colors are mostly post apocalyptic but the weather for working outside is near orgasmic.

It was above 60F outside and sunny enough for me to get a burn on the tops of my bare feet.  This deplorable old hillbilly is getting things ready for SPRING FLOWERS by rebuilding the flower wall on the front patio (I usually redo the wall every year, just for the heck of it).  Yeah, I know; it is not smart doing brick and block work with bare feet …

(Above) Photo shows the front patio along with the driveway / sidewalk brick edging (I try to add a section of brick every year ... front yard, back yard, side of the house ... wherever the muse sparks).

(Above) This photo is from the end of last May.

(Above) The asphalt driveway is 17.5' wide, which is supposed to accommodate a pair of cars side by side ... but each car needs to be parked near their respective edge of the driveway in order to have room to open the doors at the center of the driveway... which means people are exiting onto grass (or mud once the grass is dead from people walking on it).   This 24'' wide brick edging helps a bit ... when I add a matching edge on the other side, the drive will then have an effective width of 21.5', which is a more realistic width for a two car driveway.

 Photo above from July 5th last year

Photo above from July 5th last year.


Pumice said...

It is a good thing my wife will not see this. You shame me.


Grace and peace.

James Zachary said...

I thank you for the compliment ...and for stopping by!

It keeps me out of the taverns.