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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The pants that I prefer almost exclusively for normal everyday concealed carry

This is a trademarked stretch pants version of a trademarked brand that I did not buy for a dozen years or more because they moved the production jobs out of the USA.  Around a year ago I found some (what looked to be) factory seconds that were reasonable priced; I did notice that the size of the front pockets were inconsistent from one purchase to the next (more on that later).

The stretchiness of the fabric helps make inside the waistband carry (IWB) noticeably more comfortable than IWB carry with standard denim jeans.  I found that the placement of the belt loops (from one purchase to the next) were consistently where I prefer them to be and that the loops and the stitching were sturdy enough for the rigors of concealed carry.

All pants that I bought (over time) had pockets at least deep enough to easily carry handgun and holster combinations usually associated with pocket carry, e.g.,  the Glock 26, the Glock 43, J-Frame and D-Frame revolvers, Seecamp and NAA Guardian hidey guns, etc.  But what about pocket carry of something akin to a Glock-19?  Well, a couple of my purchases did have pockets that were stretchy and cavernous enough for the challenge.  In the photo above (to protect the trigger and to keep the G19 in position, a Bianchi OWB belt holster is used as a surrogate pocket holster) we start the experiment ...

 Almost there; so far so good.

Voila!  All gone.  The Glock 19 is now a pocket pistol.   An untucked, oversized, frumpy-fat-old-man shirt will hide the bulges.


taminator013 said...

Yeah, that's all well and good, but why buy from an anti gun company? No thanks, I'll stick to my Wranglers who also have the stretchy jeans................

BB-Idaho said...

Much better than tucked in the belt .