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Friday, September 15, 2017

Holster Review: Bianchi Remedy Model 57 for the Glock 19

OWB = Outside the Waistband 
IWB = Inside the Waistband
G19 = Glock 19

PHOTO ABOVE: This is the side of the holster that faces away from the body.  Leather quality, finish, stitching, and tooling are good.  This $45 - $55 OWB belt slide holster is intended (by me) to be primarily for range use, provided that I get around to getting myself "holster certified" at the ranges where I usually shoot.

PHOTO ABOVE:  This is the side of the holster that faces the body.

PHOTO ABOVE:  For full-time use as a concealed carry holster, for my tastes it sits just a wee bit lower than I like, but it is good enough.  General all-day comfort is okay.  Access from the driver's seat is okay if I wear it on the point of my hip.  As I mentioned earlier, this OWB holster is mostly for use at ranges that get nervous about IWB holsters, but I'll use it for knock-about concealed carry on the occasions when open sores from tertiary syphilis or senior-citizen diaper-rash limits what I can stick inside my pants.

Need I mention that holstering requires care in NOT GETTING A SHIRTTAIL TUCKED INTO THE HOLSTER WITH THE HANDGUN?  Glock type triggers are especially disagreeable to a coexistence with items of clothing that sneak inside a holster.

PHOTO ABOVE:  My Gen 4 Glock 19 in the Bianchi Remedy holster prints a bulge that is hard to hide even under my oversized frumpy-fat-old-man shirts.  I did wear it to several public places (grocery stores, department stores, restaurants) and nobody freaked out and called in the gendarmes soooo I'll assumed nobody cares about my lumps.  For concealed carry of the Glock 19, I much prefer using IWB holsters such as the Ken Null UNS or the Lou Alessi PCH; both of the aforementioned pull the butt of the G19 tighter against my body than does any OWB holster I looked at.  IWB holsters make for better concealment, but having a decent OWB holster for the G19 gives me options.


David Drake said...

Hey Zack,

Glock trigger safety aside, as far as shooting, accuracy, comfortability, construction - what are your thoughts/likes/dislikes comparing the Bianchi to Glock? 9mm, .380 or other? I've shot Glocks but never Bianchi's.

Also, nice marksmanship on the below post of target shooting.


"Zack" said...

Hey there David; sorry for the confusion. Bianchi is the brand name of the holster. This particular model of a Bianchi brand holster is the Model 57, also known as "The Remedy". I bought it to use with my 4th Generation Glock 19, which is a 9mm pistol. I own 4 Glock pistols, all of them 9mm. I did try the .45 ACP Glocks but never was impressed enough to buy.

John Bianchi sold his holster making business (along with the rights to his name) many years ago. I forget the name of the parent company that now owns the Bianchi brand.

David Drake said...

Got'cha. Thanks for the info.

You're target practice is impressive!

David Drake said...

Sorry to bug ya - I thought Binachi also manufactured firearms, but I searched and it I found they make accessories, but not hand guns/rifles.

Am I mistaken? I thought they made hand guns, shot guns, rifles ???

"Zack" said...

Heck, you're not buggin' me.

There is a category of competition handguns called Bianchi Cup Guns ... they look like stuff from sci-fi movies but they are used in the biggest money handgun competition in the world. None of the Bianchi Cup Guns are made by Bianchi ...

David Drake said...

Thanks Zack. I like to think I know my firearms and their manufacturers. Bianchi Cup Guns rings a bell. I grew up with my dad, brothers, uncles, friends -- all hunted; deer, pheasant, etc. Lots of shooting practice too. But I don't consider myself an expert in gun makers. I thought Bianchi made guns for sale to the general pubic. Thanks for the clarification. Thanks for the link too. Take care.