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Friday, March 30, 2018

Get yourself some self-defense Ammo to Go test results

The study looks to be top shelf.  They also made it interactive with their website; if you see something of interest just give it a click to see what's available and how much it costs.

As expected, some ammo doesn't perform well with short barrel pistols.  

The 124-gr +P stuff that I use in my Glock 43 looks to be borderline okay.   Good to know.

All very interesting.  Very well done.  CLICK HERE to give it a look.


Harry Flashman said...

I usually carry frangible ammo, depending on what weapon I carry. It has a lot of benefits, like not over penetrating, and it has other positive aspects like not leaving a bullet around.

Anonymous said...

Both ammo quest ( shooting the bull) on YouTube ..& Lucky Gunner labs website do extensive testing of of ammo ..lucky Gunner test .380 38& 357 out of 2in &4in barrels ..9mm .40 & .45 ..I personally load for carry Hornady XTP in .380 Hornady Critical Defense LITE 90 grain in airweight centennial..Corbon DPX ( last 3 rounds in 7 round mag are liberty civil Defense ) in my LC9sPro .those were some of best effective rounds