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Sunday, April 1, 2018

I am tired of the Goliaths that misuse the Internet

I never signed on to Facebook.  They want far too much personal information and they have a dictatorial set of rules that I refuse to agree to.  

For a while I could not find information on local businesses or our local government entities because each saw fit to do all of their online communications via Facebook.  Anyone not a member of Facebook was out of the loop.  Fortunately, most of our local government agencies have returned to maintaining websites.  Businesses that want my money had better be marketing their goods or services on something other than Facebook.

Google is restricting traffic to sites that do not meet their ambiguously fluid corporate rules and political views.  Google's measure isn't that postings simply must be legal, Google's measure is an unpredictable, arbitrary, corporate / political taste du jour.   So be it.   As of now I am terminating my participation in Google+, a creation that was once thought of as having the potential to be "Facebook done right."  It failed.  After this blog entry, I will no longer  be "sharing" anything I find of interest to Google+.   Since I already removed YouTube from my list of places to visit I will henceforth refuse to click on any YouTube link sent to me via email.  

Acting as one humble human choosing to piss against an ill wind, I've been doing almost all of my web searches using the Duck Duck Go search engine.  Over half of my online surfing presence currently is via the Tor browser.  "We the people" are the product that the internet behemoths sell for $Billions.   Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, and all of the others need to learn NOT to piss off "the product."  We don't have to comply.  For example, I will never buy from Amazon until I can do so as a "guest" without opening an account.  Not a single dime of my money ever went to Amazon.

I've been online since the early days of the Bulletin Board Systems and 300-baud modems.  I didn't toe any lines back then and I am not about to kiss any ass at this late stage of my life.  

I'll be keeping this obscure blog site going for as long as I find doing so to be more personally-entertaining than I find Google to be exasperating.

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