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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

So, the press had the YouTube shooter story completely wrong

It had nothing to do with a domestic dispute.    Just a profoundly troubled nut-job that took all of this online shit far too seriously.

Hell, I'm having trouble fathoming any of this.   How does a multi-$Billion$ outfit explain the total lack of site security?   We live in a world of countless nutball terrorists looking for soft targets and this outfit has what amounted to no site security at all.  The nut-job's lack of skill with a handgun was the foremost life saver.

I pray for the innocents.   I sincerely do.

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1 comment:

Pumice said...

My guess is that they figured if they didn't put up a sign saying "Gun free zone" then the crazy would go to a school instead.

Grace and peace