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Friday, June 8, 2018

Ian McCollum 'splains Colt's 10mm 1911 entry, the Delta Elite

I try not to feed Google's ever evil Youtube click tally, but Ian's video summary of the Delta Elite is worth far more than my shallow integrity.  It is a short video and very well done.  It is well worth a look.

Serial # dates this pistol to 1988

The Delta Elite is the only government model that I prefer to shoot with the front-strap wrap-around rubber grips.

Why did I choose to purchase a Delta Elite?  Happenstance mostly;  this lightly fired pistol was available at a bargain price because of a few scratches from handling, storage, and disassembly/reassembly.

CLICK HERE for a few more of my thoughts regarding the Colt Delta Elite (from 2008).


dave drake said...

I like that handgun. It appears to rest comfortably in the hand and has that "perfect" balance kind of feel to it. Similar to Glocks. Or kinda seems so from the images. Am I close?? :)

"Zack" said...

Hey there David!

The 1911 models do endear most shooters with the balance and feel. The newer Glocks had shaved the grip size down, (IMHO) trying to meet the preferenes many handgunners have for the feel of the Browning High Power and / or the 1911 models.

The wrap around grips on this pistol do fatten things up by having the rubber over the front strap. Other than helping me control the recoil on this blaster I prefer standard grips on my 1911 frame pistols.

Full disclosure, when I carry a semi-auto pistol it is almost aways a Glock 19, 26, or the 43.

I enjoyed your sports series! Good job.

David Drake said...

Thanks for the additional info on the comparison on the 1911 and Glock and other handguns.

Thanks for the note on the NHL posts. It's just a sport I enjoy so much. Take care Zack.