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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Monthly Weigh-in 05/31/2018

It is great to be outside again.  

Well, I guess that the only way I am going to lose weight, and keep it off, is to publicly obsess about it.  Currently I am sporting 215-pounds.  I was sustaining a wee bit over 225-pounds sometime around April Fool's Day when I started getting sick ... sooooo on 4/15/2018 I decided to get serious and trim some of the fat.  It has been a slow process.  I feel a bit better now ... but I had better set some serious benchmarks ... I'm not used to feeling like shit all of the time.  I've been old for sometime now ... and I've been fat for sometime now ... suddenly that mix is taking its toll.  Yeah, I know ... it's time for a visit to the doctor ... I really hate seeing doctors.

How much weight should I drop?  Heh ... at my age, if I can survive the rigors of diet and exercise, I'd probably be much better off carrying 50-pounds less than I do now ... about what I weighed 35-years ago.  In recent years I would celebrate when I could diet down to ~200-pounds ... but I don't think that is going to be good enough nowadays.

It's not a "body image" that I am concerned about, it's a comfort issue.  My gut hangs over my belt line and pushes my pants down.   Since I don't have much of an ass for my pants to hang on to, I have to cinch my belt much tighter than is tolerable.   I'm not just trying to avoid showing plumbers-butt, I am trying to keep my pants from falling to my knees.  An RN (or some sort of Licensed Nurse Practitioner) at a late night health clinic a few years ago suggested that I may have a hiatal hernia and she suggested I should lose weight and loosen my belt (or go to using suspenders as is proper for old fat geezers).  Her advice worked but the symptoms always return when I push my weight higher and pull my belt tighter. Belly fat is my largest reserve followed by my love handles.  Belt holster carry (both IWB and OWB) is not as easy as it was when I was just a bit less corpulent; the added weight of even the lightest holster and handgun just helps my belly fat push my trousers down.


Joseph Brandon said...

Ah, home!! One thing I miss. The green and spring. Don't get much of that here in LV.

"Zack" said...

Hey Joseph!

You just gave me an idea for blog-fodder; let me hunt down some summertime photos of the harbor area ...

The City of Little Fort can be rather pretty ... up until the first or second snow of the season ;)

Pumice said...

Keep at it. Don't follow their charts. When I was at my lowest and looked like a walking skeleton the charts still had me as borderline obese.

Grace and peace.

"Zack" said...

Thanks Pumice. Heh, yep, those charts are kinda disheartening. 165lbs - 175lbs is a range I was happy to live in ... I sincerely doubt I could go any lower ... maybe ... we'll see ...

Take care man. Hang in there. Thanks again for the encouragement.