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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cleaned the Colt .38 Super today

I was going to (finally) go to the range today (I've been only shooting once this year ... as far as I can recall) but decided that I'd be better served to clean a long-dirty pistol (last fired on 1/19/2015 and put away dirty ... something I very rarely do).  Methinks there is at least one other 1911-pattern pistol in the gun-safe that I put away dirty and is in need of some reliability sustaining detailing; once that other pistol is cleaned my conscience will again be pure.    

For the first time ever, I tried wearing nitrile gloves during the cleaning ... but about three-quarters of being finished I noticed that a couple of the fingertips had torn ... so much for the idea of trying to keep the solvents away from my skin.

Do I ever concealed-carry Colt Government models?  Yes, but only for periods long enough to proof-test (proof of concept, if you will) a given holster.  After a few hours the weight of these pistols can be taxing.   I do prefer the modern, lighter designs for everyday carry.


M. Silvius said...

The Star BM-9 makes for a lightly smaller and lighter 1911 pattern piece. They can be had for the price of two dead Benjamins these days as Century just brought in a boatload of arsenal refurbished Spanish police trade-ins.

"Zack" said...

Hey there M. Thanks for the tip. I much appreciate it.



M. Silvius said...

Several vendors are retailing them. Both Classic Firearms, J&G as well as a few others are offering them around the same price. J&G is selling some nice wood grips for them too. Really dresses them up. Look at the pix of the grips on this link.
I am going to order a set of the grips for mine. I recently picked up an early import in near new condition (8 out of 10?) without all the ugly C.A.I markings at my local Cabelas here in Maine for the same price. The trigger on the thing is exquisite.
Regards, Michael

Harry Flashman said...

Michael is spot on. The Star BM-9 is a great gun. I got one some years back and it is a sweet pistol.