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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Monthly Weigh-In 09/26/2018 = 200 lbs; I gotto get a new mirror; down 25 lbs so far this year and I still don't see much change.

It's official; I hit a milestone.  I have lost a bit over 25 lbs so far this year.  I am a couple of pounds under 200, but we'll just call it an even 200 for now.  

Wearing a gunbelt no longer causes the symptoms of peritonitis but, as an official card-carrying old dude, I still need to slim down even further for a host of health reasons;  my sights are fixed on losing (at least) another 25 lbs before I settle in to a new norm.  Hell, just getting down to an incremental 195 lbs at this time of year will be a rough road; we'll see what the scale reads in another month or so.  It's all a game of ounces and inches ...

Still, I'm going to celebrate this milestone.  My being a couple of pounds under 200 moves me marginally out of the OBESE category into the much more acceptable society of the OVERWEIGHT.  You bethcha, the very first chance that I get I am gonna put on my Colt-45 concealed-carry macho-beach-thong and rock my thunder-belly man-boob physique all over the northeastern coast of Florida.

Yep, I gonna be stylin' my new bod.


Ruth said...

Good for you! Mind, I hate the BMI chart. The only way I'd get down to where it thinks I should be is if I had no muscle at all on top of very little body fat, but my doctor is at least aware of that.

I dropped 6 pounds just by having that surgery back in January. The week before surgery I weighed in (fully clothed) at 201lbs, and the week after surgery I weighed in (fully clothed) at 194 and change. But this last month I've been into the doctors office twice, and both times I weighed in at 191 and change. I'm delighted. Now to continue the trend!

"Zack" said...

Hang in there, Ruth!

Thanks for the encouragement.

(yep, I hate that BMI chart too!)